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Anhui Hui Ning - Specification for installation and acceptance of electric wire and cable (five)

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The fifth chapter of the cable laying

Section 1 General Provisions

Article 5.1.1 before laying the cable should be checked according to the following requirements:

A cable channel, good drainage. Coating the metal part of the whole. To meet the requirements of the tunnel lighting, ventilation. Two, cable type, voltage, specifications should comply with the design.

Third, the appearance of the cable should be no damage, good insulation, when the cable seal doubt should be moist judgment; buried cable and underwater cables should be qualified by the test.

Four, the hydraulic oil filled cable should not be less than 0.15MPa; the oil valve should be in the open position, action should be flexible; pressure gauge should be no exception; all pipe joints should be no leakage of oil sample should pass the test.

Five, cable rack should be placed securely, the steel shaft strength and length should be matched with the cable reel weight and width. Six, before installation should calculate each cable length according to the design and practical path, reasonable arrangement of each cable, reduce the cable joint.

Seven, in the area of cable should be charged, reliable safety measures.

Article 5.1.2 cable laying, should not damage the waterproof layer of tunnel, cable trench, cable wells and wells.

The four core power cable should be in section 5.1.3 of the three-phase four wire system, three core cable should not be used with a single core cable or wire and cable metal sheath for the neutral line.

Article 5.1.4 power cable parallel use of its length, types and specifications should be the same. Article 5.1.5 the power cable should be kept in the vicinity of the terminal head and the joint.

Article 5.1.6 the distance between each support point of the cable shall conform to the design requirements. When the design is not specified, it should not be greater than the values listed in table 5.1.6.

Table 5.1.6 the distance between each support point of the cable (mm) > cable type > mode > horizontal > vertical

Control cable >800 > 1000 note > power cable, full plastic >400 > 1000 except all plastic low-voltage cable >800 >1500 = MsoNormal >35kV and above HV power cable >1500 >2000>: full plastic power cable horizontal laying along the bracket to the cable fixed support point distance allows for 800mm. Article 5.1.7 the minimum bending radius of the cable shall be in accordance with the provisions of table 5.1.7.

Article 5.1.8 viscous oil impregnated paper insulation cable the highest point and the maximum disparity between the lowest point, should not exceed the table 5.1.8 provisions, when can not meet the requirements, should adapt to high cable.

Table 5.1.7 cable minimum bending radius > cable type > multi core > > with single core control cable >10D rubber insulation power cable lead-free package, steel armor jacket >10D bare lead package sheath >15D steel armor jacket >20D PVC insulated power cable >10D crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable >15D >20D oil impregnated paper insulated power cable > lead package lead > >30D package armoured >15D >20D without armoured >20D > self-contained oil filled (lead covered cable >20D note: table D is the diameter of the cable.

Table 5.1.8 viscous oil impregnated paper insulated lead sheathed power cable allows laying potentiometer voltage (kV) cable protecting layer structure of maximum allowable laying parallax (M 1) unarmored 20 armoured 25

From 6 to 10 or 1535 armoured armoured armoured armoured or 5

When laying the cable, the cable shall be drawn from the upper end of the disc, and shall not cause the friction of the cable on the bracket and the ground to drag and drop. The cable shall be flattened, armored cable sheath, twisting fracture and mechanical damage not eliminate.

Article 5.1.10 the maximum traction strength of a mechanical cable shall be in accordance with the provisions of table 5.1.10. The total cable tension of the oil filled cable shall not exceed 27kN.

Table 5.1.10 cable maximum traction strength (N/mm2) traction traction head steel wire mesh

The lead sheath of the aluminum core of the bearing part of the copper core is sheathed with the plastic sheath and the plastic sleeve is permitted to be 704010407.

Article 5.1.11 mechanical cable speed should not exceed 15m/min, 110kV and above the cable or laying in a complex path, the speed should be appropriate to slow down.

Article 5.1.12 under the conditions of the complex mechanism of laying cable section should be the construction organization design, determine laying method, plate line erection position, cable traction direction and check the traction force and the lateral pressure and equipped with installation personnel and equipment.

Article 5.1.13 mechanical cable, between the traction head or the steel wire traction cable sleeve and install fortified twister. Article 5.1.14 110kV and above the cable laying, lateral pressure bend should not be greater than 3kN/m.

Article 5.1.15 oil impregnated paper insulation power cable after amputation, should end immediately seals; plastic insulated cable should be a reliable moisture terminated; oil filled cable in axotomy there should be meet the following requirements:

First, in any case, any section of oil filled cable should have pressure tank to maintain pressure. Two, the connection pipe, should be excluded from the air tube, and connected by injection. The cable cut off three, oil filled cable must be higher than that of the adjacent sides of the. Four, cut cable should not have metal debris and dirt into the cable.

The 5.1.16 laying of cable, cable allows the lowest laying temperature, in before laying within 24 hours of the average temperature and site laying temperature should not be below the table 5.1.16 provisions; should a take measures when the temperature is below the table 5.1.16 the specified value.

Table 5.1.16 cable permissible minimum temperature

> cable type > cable structure > allows the lowest laying temperature (DEG C) > oil impregnated paper insulated power cable oil filled cable >-10 other oil paper cable >

> rubber insulated power cable rubber or PVC sheathed >-15 bare lead sheathed >-20 lead sheathed >-7

>0 > > plastic insulated power cable control cable sheath cold resistant >-20 rubber insulated PVC sheathed >-15 PVC insulated PVC sheathed >-10

The 5.1.17 power cable joint arrangement should meet the following requirements: A, juxtaposed laying cable, connector and the position should be staggered with each other. Two, cable joint surface when the application of fixed support plate.

Three, the buried cable joint box outside the box shall be protected against mechanical damage (except epoxy joint box). Protection box in the frozen soil layer, the box should be injected with asphalt.

Article 5.1.18 when laying the cable should be arranged in order, should not be cross, to be fixed, and set signs of fashion. Article 5.1.19 the installation of a sign board shall meet the following requirements:

One, in the cable terminal, cable joints, corner, sandwich, tunnel and shaft at both ends, people in the well, and other places, the cable should be installed signs.

Two, signs should indicate the line number. When no number should be written, cable type, specification and destination location; parallel cables should have sequence number. Signs of the handwriting should be clear and not easy to fall off.

Three, signs and specifications should be unified. Signs should be anti - corrosion, hanging should be firm. Article 5.1.20 the cable shall be fixed and shall meet the following requirements: 1. Cable shall be fixed in the following places:

1 or more than 45 degrees inclined vertical laying cable in each bracket; every 2m bridge;

2 level laying of the cable, the cable at the end of the first end and turn, at both ends of the cable joints; when the distance between the cable is required, every 5 ~ 10m;

3 single core cable should be fixed in accordance with the design requirements.

Two, the single core cable or the single core cable of the AC system, the fixed clamp of the split lead cable should not form a closed magnetic circuit. Three, bare lead (aluminum) sets of the cable's fixed, should be added to the soft liner protection. Four, the protective layer of the insulation requirements of the cable, at the fixed place should be added insulation pad.

Article 5.1.21 along the electrified railway and electrified railway by bridge Shangming and spread cable metal protecting layer or a metal cable pipe should be along its full length and metal stents or bridge metal components of the insulation.

Entered the cable trench, tunnels, shafts, and buildings, disc (cabinet) and penetration tube the 5.1.22 cable, access port should be closed, the nozzle should be sealed.

Article 5.1.23 lighting lighthouse equipped with lightning rod, the cable laying fashion shall conform to the relevant requirements of the current national standards for the construction and acceptance of grounding device of electrical equipment installation engineering.

The arrangement of the laying of the cable of the cable in the second section of the production plant and in the tunnel and trench shall be in accordance with the following requirements:

One, power cable and control cable should not be arranged on the same layer.

Second, the high voltage power cables, the strong electricity and weak electricity control cable in a hierarchical order configuration, the general should be the configuration should be; but containing more than 35kV high voltage cable introducing panel, in order to meet the requirements of bending radius, configuration from the bottom up.

Article 5.2.2 the net distance between the two parallel cables shall be in accordance with the design requirements. Article 5.2.3 the laying of cables on the support shall meet the following requirements:

A control cable in ordinary bracket, not more than 1 layers; not more than 3 layer bridge.

Two, AC three core power cable, not more than 1 floors in the ordinary hanger; not more than 2 layer bridge. Three, AC single core power cable should be arranged on the same side of the bracket. When according to the regular triangle arrangement tightly, every 1m should be fastened with a bandage.

Article 5.2.4 the net distance between the cable and the heat pipe, thermal equipment shall be not less than 1m in parallel, shall be not less than 0.5m in the cross, and shall be protected by heat insulation when the conditions are limited. The cable channel should avoid the explosion proof door of the boiler and the coal powder system. When the condition is limited, the heat insulation and fire prevention measures should be adopted. The cable should not be parallel to the upper part of the heating equipment and heat pipe.

Article 5.2.5 Ming Fu in the interior and cable trench and tunnel, shaft with hemp protection layer of the cable, should be stripped linen sheath, and anti-corrosion of the armoured.

5.2.6 cable laying is completed, should be timely removal of debris, cover a good cover plate. When necessary, the cover plate gap seal should be sealed.

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