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Welcome to the Hui Ning group !Main products:power cable,Special cable,Computer cable.    phone:0550-7561599





The company is China Petroleum Group, Sinopec Group, the first batch of supplier network enterprises, with 1 level network card; supplier is Datang Power, Chinese Guodian, Huadian, China Formosa Plastics Group, nine dragons and other famous enterprises, the products are sold to the petroleum chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, electronics, papermaking and other industries, has used in Lanzhou petrochemical company ethylene, 5 million 500 thousand tons / year crude, Urumqi Petrochemical Company, big aromatics, Guangxi Petrochemical Company 10 million tons refinery; Sinopec Guangzhou Petrochemical Company and Jiujiang Petrochemical Company flue gas desulfurization, catalytic cracking and so on more than 5 million tons of national key projects, the use of good, no product quality the accident, the product has been more units and Huadian Wangting power plant, Ma'anshan iron and steel, Longyuan electric power Limited by Share Ltd , Wanbei Mining Bureau, the user's consistent high praise and in Beijing, Shanghai, Lanzhou, Urumqi, Jiujiang, Guangzhou, Dongying cities set up offices.


We always believe that the "user first, quality first" purpose and dedication to provide quality services for the majority of users

  • phone:0550-7561599
  • fax:0550-7561496
  • address:Anhui province Tianchang city Tongcheng town Qiaoba road No. 99

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