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Tianchang City in Anhui Province, Anhui Hui Ning electrical instrument Group Co., Ltd. (Tianchang City Emblem Ning electrical instrument factory) is located in the beautiful scenery, known as "the land of rice and fish" and "Wandong pearl", is located in the east gate of Anhui Province, south of the historical and cultural city of Nanjing, east of the Yangzhou Slender West Lake, 205 national road runs through the territory and close to the Beijing Shanghai high iron and Nanjing Lukou International Airport, the traffic is very convenient. Enterprise has been established for nearly 30 years of history, the factory covers an area of 150000 square meters, the plant area of 61000 square meters, registered capital Eryiyi thousand there pick million yuan, the staff 896 people, among them, senior engineer and technical personnel 98 people.

Our company is mainly engaged in wire and cable, special cable design and development, production and service in one of the high-tech enterprises, strong technical force, advanced production equipment, and has perfect manufacturing procedures and detection methods. Main products currently have: 35kV and below power cable, control cable, computer shielded signal cable, intrinsically safe cable, cable, compensation, fluorine plastic cable, silicone rubber cable, special cable converter, flat cable, flame retardant cables, fireproof cables, low smoke and non halogen cable, a variety of thermal instrument, digital display meter, meter tube valve parts and wire collection tray and so on.

Our company is China Petroleum Group, Sinopec Group, the first batch of suppliers of industrial enterprises, Chinese Petroleum Corporation procurement market access unit in oil on the 1st network of member units, a network of Sinopec suppliers, Sinopec organized centralized procurement network supplier, supplier and Datang Power, Chinese Guodian, Huadian, Chinese Formosa Plastics Group, nine dragons and other famous enterprises, the products are sold to the petroleum chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, electronics, papermaking and other industries, has been used in Lanzhou petrochemical company ethylene, 5 million 500 thousand tons / year crude, Urumqi Petrochemical Company, big aromatics, Guangxi Petrochemical Company 10 million tons refinery, Ningxia petrochemical 5 million tons / year refinery expansion project, Hohhot Petrochemical 5 million tons / year refinery expansion project; Sinopec Guangzhou stone Branch catalytic cracking flue gas desulfurization, Jiujiang Petrochemical Branch Company of 500 million tons of catalytic cracking, Wuhan Petrochemical Ethylene, Sichuan Vinylon plant 30 million tons of vinyl acetate and other more than 60 national key projects, use in good condition, no product quality accident, the product has been to the unit and Huadian Wang Ting power plant, state power Longyuan electric power, Maanshan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Wanbei Mining Bureau, the user's comments from, and offices in more than 30 large and medium-sized cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Lanzhou, Urumqi, Guangzhou, Jiujiang, Dongying.

Quality is enterprise's life, to ensure product quality, our company strictly in accordance with the ISO9000 series standard and established a set of perfect and effective quality assurance system, existing products by GB, the standard rate or equivalent international standards of production, the enterprise has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, ISO14001: 2004 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001: 1999 occupational health and safety management system certification, national mandatory product certification (CCC), measurement management system certification (AAA), EU ROHS certification, mine product safety certification mark. Fire resistant cable through the national authority of the test, some products were rated as brand-name products and high-tech products, high pressure silicone rubber flat cables and other 21 special cables to obtain national patent.

Enterprises in the development process of the local departments concerned and recognition, has won the national high-tech enterprises, the national "Shou contract re credit" enterprises, the national quality and service integrity and outstanding enterprises, the Provincial Agricultural Bank of China awarded AAA grade credit enterprise, the Provincial State Taxation Bureau and Local Taxation Bureau awarded the A-class tax credit rating companies, enterprises, integrity Chuzhou city "Ten Excellent Enterprise", "Chuzhou City, operating income of 50 strong enterprises", "Chuzhou city tax 50 strong enterprises", Chuzhou city safety production standardization enterprises, well-known trademarks in Chuzhou City, Chuzhou City, Chuzhou City, identified the technology center of Tianchang civilized unit, the "top ten enterprises", outstanding high-tech enterprises in Tianchang, Tianchang "green enterprise", Tianchang science and technology progress award honorary title.

Hui Ning will be excellent quality, good service, integrity of the operating return of society. Enterprises in good faith development, steady development, rolling development of the business philosophy, so that enterprises in the development process, has always maintained a good condition of low debt ratio. Whether it is within the enterprise, partners, community customers, Hui Ning has always maintained good cooperation with them, good communication, and to share the value and the cause of the space. Facing the new situation, Hui Ning people adheres to "mutual good faith, excellence" business philosophy, determined based on wire and cable industry, rely on their diligence and wisdom, and sincere cooperation with friends from all walks of life, seek common development, create brilliant future.


We always believe that the "user first, quality first" purpose and dedication to provide quality services for the majority of users

  • phone:0550-7561599
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  • address:Anhui province Tianchang city Tongcheng town Qiaoba road No. 99

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