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Anhui Hui Ning - Specification for installation and acceptance of electric wire and cable (four)

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Preparation and installation of cable support in the fourth chapter

Article 4.0.1 the processing of a cable bracket shall meet the following requirements:

One, the steel should be straight, no obvious distortion. Cutting error should be in the range of 5mm, the cut should not have the edge, burr. Two, support should be welded firmly, no significant deformation. The vertical spacing and design deviation of each cross brace should not be greater than 5mm. Three, metal cable bracket must be anti-corrosion treatment. In the area of hot and humid, salt fog and chemical corrosion, the design should be based on

For special anti-corrosion treatment.

Article 4.0.2 the minimum distance between the layers of the cable support, when the design is not specified, the provisions of table 4.0.2 can be used. But the interlayer spacing of not less than two times of the cable diameter and 10mm high voltage cable of 35kV and above shall not be less than 2 times of the cable diameter plus 50mm.

Table 4.0.2 cable support layer allows the minimum distance value (mm) cable types and characteristics and laying branch hanger bridge control cables 120 200 power cable with rated voltage of 10kV and below (with the exception of 6 ~ 10kV XLPE insulation outer) 150 ~ 200 250 6 to 10kV XLPE insulation 200 ~ 250 300 of 35kV single core 35kV three core of 110kV and above, each layer more than 1 300 350 110kV and above, each layer 1 250 300 cable laying in the slot box h+80 h+100 note: H said slot box shell height.

Article 4.0.3 cable rack should be installed firmly, horizontal and vertical; fixed bracket hanger should be carried out according to the design requirements. The same layer crosspiece support shall be at the same level, the level of deviation should be less than 5mm. The hanger bracket along the bridge to the left and right deviation should be less than 10mm. The cable bracket is installed on the slope of the cable trench or buildings, and should be cable trench or building the same slope. The upper bracket and the lower cable to the top floor, or ditch ditch, the distance of the ground, as if there is no design requirement, should not be less than the value of 4.0.3 table.

4.0.3 cable support the top and the bottom to the top of the ditch, floor or ditch, the ground distance laying cable tunnel and cable interlayer ditch hanger bridge table

The top to top groove or floor 300 ~ 350150 ~ 200150 ~ 200350 ~ 450 to the bottom ditch or ground 100 ~ 15050 ~ 100 to 100 ~ 150

Article 4.0.4 after assembly of steel shaft structure, the vertical deviation should not be greater than the length of the 2; transverse bracket support level error should not exceed the width of 2; shaft diagonal deviation not should be greater than the length of the diagonal of the 5/1000.

Preparation of article 4.0.5 of the cable tray should meet the following requirements:

A cable ladder (tray), cable ladder (tray) support (hanging) frame, connectors and accessories quality should meet the relevant technical standards of the current.

Two, cable ladder (tray) specifications, bearing span, anti-corrosion type should comply with the design requirements.

Article 4.0.6 ladder (tray) in each of the support and hanger shall be fixed firmly; ladder (tray) plate bolted connections shall be fastened and nut should be located in the ladder (tray) of the lateral.

Aluminum Alloy ladder is fixed on the steel hangers on, should avoid corrosion measures.

Article 4.0.7 when more than 30m line segment of steel cable tray, aluminum alloy and glass steel cable bridge more than 15m, due to expansion joints, the connections should be used telescopic connecting plate; cable bridge across the buildings where expansion joints joints should be set up.

The 4.0.8 a cable tray corner turning radius shall not be less than the bridge cable minimum allowable bending radius of maximum.

Article 4.0.9 the total length of the grounding cable rack should be good.

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