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Welcome to the Hui Ning group !Main products:power cable,Special cable,Computer cable.    phone:0550-7561599




Hui Ning will be excellent quality, good service, integrity of the operating return of society. Enterprises in good faith development, steady development, rolling development of the business philosophy, so that enterprises in the development process, has always maintained a good condition of low debt ratio. Whether it is within the enterprise, partners, community customers, Hui Ning has always maintained good cooperation with them, good communication, and to share the value and the cause of the space. Facing the new situation, Hui Ning people adheres to "mutual good faith, excellence" business philosophy, determined based on wire and cable industry, rely on their diligence and wisdom, and sincere cooperation with friends from all walks of life, seek common development, create brilliant future.

Our slogan

---- Let customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit

Our aim

---- innovative refinement, quality oriented, customer first, integrity

Our business philosophy

---- the integrity of mutual benefit, to satisfy the needs of society

Our code of conduct

---- people-oriented, market-oriented, quality of survival, pay attention to the interests of customers

We hope

---- each cable embodies the wisdom of the Hui Ning, we have a dream where there is cable, our products

Our strategy

---- relying on science and technology, level simultaneously, rolling development, bigger and stronger

Our goal

---- Hui Ning innovation reflects market competitiveness, create customer satisfaction quality reputation

Our spirit

---- conscientious working style, modest style, pioneering and innovative market concept, concept of unity and coordination of the whole consciousness never stop in our spirit in diversified fields in cable industry Co., through all the Hui Ning people unremitting efforts, with our partners together for the community to provide maximum to meet the needs of users, which can reflect the characteristics of our technology, products and services, in order to return customers, shareholders, partners, employees, society and government, to afford to afford customers, shareholders, partners, to afford to afford to pay their own employees, and to afford society and worthy of national purpose.



We always believe that the "user first, quality first" purpose and dedication to provide quality services for the majority of users

  • phone:0550-7561599
  • fax:0550-7561496
  • address:Anhui province Tianchang city Tongcheng town Qiaoba road No. 99

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