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SWP8000 series guide rail type temperature sensor

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Divided into thermal resistance temperature transmitter and thermocouple temperature transmitter, the following will respectively introduce the characteristics and technical parameters of the two kinds of transmitter.


The two-wire or three wire RTD temperature signal input and output isolation transmission.

- intelligent, can be used for site configuration. Can also choose a fixed type of thermal resistance and temperature range input.

With the work of the power indicator.

The single channel, an input path output input circuit, short circuit protection.

The plug and play type terminals, DIN rail type installation.


1 GD8082 thermal resistance input signal isolator is thermal resistance signal by the isolator is converted to linear DC signal isolated output to the control system or other intelligent instrument with temperature.

The thermal resistance of intelligent signal isolator. The configuration of thermal resistance type and range can be set up by computer.

The isolator needs independent power supply, power supply and input - output circuit between electromagnetic isolation circuit.


on aXPZX explosion proof type integrated temperature transmitter


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