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Outstanding employees of our company: Comrade Wu Xiang's personal deeds

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Comrade Wu Xiang's personal deeds
Comrade Wu Xiang, high school education level, in October 2014 to enterprises, with before in Qiao Tian Baolong instrument factory engaged in lathe machining work experience, the company started soon, things are willing to use their brains. Two years has been in the instrument shop unity colleagues, practical work, and therefore was named outstanding class leader".
Lathe precision machining is an important part of the production of enterprise instrumentation products, its requirements are very strict. Lathe just learning, in order to exercise skills, Comrade Wu Xiang leisure for waste to practice and pondering, sharpening, calibration, knife operating orderly, step by step carefully, treat work never sloppy effect.
Comrade Wu Xiang engaged in lathe work for ten years. He can be skilled in the operation of our company all equipment metalworking workshop: deep hole drilling, CNC lathes, wire cutting, CNC milling machine, radial drilling machine and so on. At the same time, the welding technology, such as welding, argon arc welding, etc.. He will not only processing instruments of the flange, thread, thermometer casing and other accessories, but also with the equipment management department to produce the cable production equipment maintenance needs of the spare parts. Through the independent processing equipment, spare parts, etc., to reduce the cost of equipment maintenance. At the same time, comrade Wu Xiang actively involved in the transformation of the equipment, including a ton of crane frame welding system, such as the production of rice. These transformation and upgrading of the equipment have been put into full use.
But even so, he still does not forget to learn, do not forget to upgrade themselves. Theoretical study is a required course for employees in recent years, but staff is also a headache problem, for a variety of reasons reading and learning into the part of their fear, often listen to them complain "if I can read good books, I will dry it?" At this time, comrade Wu Xiang often said "did not read books do it, now do this for more books!" , revealed the positive and upward. Because of the recognition that the book knowledge is limitless. He often uses more than in the staff library to find books, see general bed finishing before the, now NC programming, shop workers go crop after crop, people complain about low wages, people complain about high, people sigh machine updated too fast and so on, but Comrade Wu Xiang not only wages to rise and the employees to change from responsible person, asked him why, he just smiled and said to fear into power!
Have technology, have the ability, but you are just a person. In the enterprise to go to work, the task is much, the matter is miscellaneous, the group is very important, has the idea to be able to carry, but must follow the team to walk, this is the words in Wu Xiang's heart. He followed the teacher Fu hand and listen to the training of new employees, now follow his hand, listening to his training. A momentary Fengyun said a moment, enterprise has grown in strength, quality of personnel in the transformation of lead team also is changing, but he has not left behind, also led the team to embrace change.
This is Comrade Wu Xiang, a love to learn, love special research comrades.
2013 won the "group outstanding lathe hand" title;
2014 won the group fine processing example title;
2015 won the "advanced workers" title

on aIn recognition of the general assembly of Tianchang "top ten craftsman"


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