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Anhui Hui Ning - Specification for installation and acceptance of electric wire and cable (two)

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Transport and storage in the second chapter

Article 2.0.1 in the course of transportation and handling, the cable and cable tray shall not be damaged. It is strictly prohibited to push the cable tray directly from the car. Cable tray should not be put on flat, flat storage.

Before the carriage or rolling of the cable tray, the cable tray must be firmly set, and the cable is wound around the 2.0.2. Oil filled cable to the oil pipe between the pressure should be fixed, not damage. The pressure tank should be firm, and the pressure indicator should be in accordance with the requirements.

You must follow the arrow on the cable tray or the direction of the cable.

Article 2.0.3 after the cable and its accessories have arrived at the scene, the following requirements shall be examined in a timely manner

First, the technical documents of the product should be complete.

Two, cable models, specifications, length should be in accordance with the order requirements, accessories should be complete; the appearance of the cable should not be damaged. Three, the cable should be tight sealing. When the appearance of the examination is suspected, should be affected with damp judgment or test. Four, oil filled cable pressure tank, tubing, valves and pressure gauges should be in line with the requirements and in good condition. Article 2.0.4 the cable and its related materials shall be stored at the following requirements if it is not installed immediately:

First, the cable should be centralized classification storage, and should indicate the type, voltage, specifications, length. There should be a channel between the cable tray. The foundation should be solid, when the conditions are limited, the disc should be padded, storage is not water.

Two, cable terminal porcelain sets in storage, should be protected from mechanical damage.

Three, cable accessories insulation material moisture proof packaging should be sealed well, and should be based on the material properties and storage requirements of storage and storage.

Four, fire retardant coatings, bags, blocking materials, such as fire protection materials, materials should be stored and stored according to the requirements of the performance and storage requirements.

Five, cable tray should be classified storage, not because of stress and deformation.

Article 2.0.5 the cable tray and packing shall be in good condition during the period of storage. The mark shall be complete and the sealing end shall be tight. When there are defects, should be handled in a timely manner.

Oil filled cable should always check the oil pressure, and make record, oil pressure shall not be reduced to the minimum value. When the oil pressure is reduced to zero or a vacuum, it should be treated in time.

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