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Manufacturing steps of the intermediate joint of --10KV crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable of Anhui Hui ning:

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10KV XLPE power cable joint production steps:

1, the cutting of cable

To be joint two sections of the cable from the fracture overlap, overlapping length 200~300mm; measured and marked to pay the center line of the stack length, and fill it with black to retain backward, and not cut off.

2, the core wire processing

The two largest diameter of a heat shrinkable package black plastic tube are respectively sheathed in the two sections of the cable, and then processing cores

3, the head of the pencil close-up

The head of the pencil to disperse the stress field distribution.

4, clean and semi conductive layer

With the cleaning agent cleaning wire (note that the whole process of the operator to keep hands clean)

5, wrapped stress control tube

Stress and evacuation glue into stress control tube (black short figure)

6, curing stress control tube

The stress is on the right side of the drying tube

7, in the long tail set into the shielded copper net

8, are set into the insulating material,

In the long end are orderly sheathed with the insulating material and the short end of the sleeve in semi conductive tube; in the long end as shown, are sequentially sheathed (1, within the inner red insulating tube), (2, red intermediate insulation tube), (3, outer black semi conductive tube); in the short end of the sleeve into the black in the semi conductive tube

9, press the core line

Pay attention to the compression quality (the press clamp is imported from Germany, fully automatic).

10, grinding pressure joint

Polished in order to eliminate the tip discharge

11, the joint on the package around

Wrap around the black semi conductive tape on the connector. The outer diameter of the outer diameter of the joint is in conformity with the main insulating size at the joint, and the outer diameter of the joint is in conformity with the main insulation size; and the pencil head is filled with red rubber to fill the pencil head.

12, in the semi conductive tube baking

Will the short end have been set into the black inner semi conductive tube is moved to the joint baking shrinkage, supporting detergent to clean the core wire with insulating layer (white) and semi guide tube (black) and stress control tube (black)

13, baked inside insulation

Will be set into the long end of the innermost red insulation tube moved to the joint, in the two tube pipe mouth parts wrapped hot melt adhesive, and then from the middle to both ends of the heat shrinkage.

14, baking outside insulation tube

Will sets into the long end of the second layer of red insulating tube moved to the joint, in the two tube pipe mouth parts wrapped hot melt adhesive and from the middle to both ends of the heat shrinkage, completed at both ends of the package high-voltage winding waterproof tape sealing

15, bake the outer semi conductive layer

Will be set into the long end of the outer black semi conducting layer is moved to the joint, in the two tube pipe mouth parts package around the hot melt adhesive, and then from the middle to both ends of the heat shrinkage

16, each phase are respectively sheathed with copper shield

Will sets into the long end of the shielding net moved to the joint, with the hand will shield on the leveling of each phase, while paying attention to the copper network at both ends of the pressure in the original cable shielding layer, use the soldering welding

17, lashing, plastic

The original cut a cable turned up filling matter (see Figure 1) from new turn back and white ribbon will three-phase core wire banding together, pay attention to: joint is mellow and smooth, here the

18, lashing, plastic 2

The conditions can be in white gauze and then wrapped with a layer of high pressure heat shrinkable tape, increase seal isolation, unconditional no package is also available

19, welding wire

With the joint with copper wire braided steel armor protection at both ends of the connection (welding).

20, baking the outer sheath

One end of the cable length has been set into the protective sleeve to move to take over the position of pressure exceeds the thermal time

21, baking the outer protective layer 2

Will the other end of the cable is already set in the short external protective sleeve shift to more than pressure nozzle location and trap the first contraction of the long outer sheath pipe 100mm began to shrink.

22, complete

Use black tape on the outer sheath overlapping for wrapping sealing treatment, so far, the cable head end!

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