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This cable has low capacitance and inductance, and has excellent shielding performance and anti-jamming performance, so the explosion-proof performance is superior to the general computer and control cables. It is transmitted in the automatic control and detection and control system of the explosion-proof requirements occasions such as circuit for weak signal line.

Intrinsically safe control cable characteristics:

1, rated voltage Uo/U:300/500V, 450/750V

2, working temperature: the general type is not more than 70

Cross linked polyethylene insulation is not more than 90

Type with 105 DEG C does not exceed the maximum 105 DEG C

3, the lowest ambient temperature: -40 degrees of non fixed installation, fixed installation -15 C

4, the minimum bending radius: no armor layer should not be less than 6 times of the cable diameter, when the armored layer should not be less than 12 times of the cable diameter.



on aZR-IA-DJFPVRP-16X2X1.5


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