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Compensating cable

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Compensation cable for AC voltage 500V and below transmission power for submersible motor. In the long-term immersion and greater pressure, with good electrical insulation properties.

Waterproof rubber sheathed cable bending is the role of the cold end to extend the multi point heat electrode and mobile thermocouple, and display instrument are connected to form a multi point temperature measurement system. Cable compensation by an insulation layer and a protection layer is made of high quality imported fluorine plastic, and the overall continuous extrusion process, so that the product has excellent acid, alkali, wear-resistant, non combustible delay performance, can be immersed in water for long-term use. The use of temperature compensation cable in -60 - 260 ℃, which belongs to the contemporary international advanced level. Thermocouple compensating cable is suitable for electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, textile and other industrial and Automation Department of national defense, scientific research and so on temperature instrument multipoint connections.

Use temperature: heat resistant level: -65 DEG ~+200 DEG and two DEG ~+260 DEG -65;

Common grade: -40℃ ~+70℃and200℃ ~+105℃ -40℃;

Armoured cable: compensation shall not be less than 12 times of the cable diameter, no armor when not less than 6 times of the cable diameter

Insulation resistance (20℃): PVC insulation is not less than 25M.Km; FEP or PEA insulation is not less than 100M.Km.

Flame retardant properties: through the class A (according to the GB12666.5-90 test)

Qu good performance, can withstand frequent movement.


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