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First, the implementation of standards

350-2004 IEC: electrical, control and instrumentation cables, general construction and test requirements for ships and offshore equipment

353-2011 IEC: power cable with rated voltage of 1KV and 3KV

354-2011 IEC: single core and multi core extruded solid insulated power cable with rated voltage of 6KV to 30KV

376-2007:150/250V IEC control and instrumentation circuit cable

Two, characteristics and uses

Ship power cable for Hohai all kinds of ships and the marine petroleum platform construction on water power, lighting and general control.

Ship control cables: for all kinds of ships and offshore oil platforms and other buildings on the general control purposes.

Marine communication cable for all kinds of communication, electronic computer, signal transmission and control system in information processing equipment.

Three, the use of characteristics

The 1 conductor maximum working temperature: silicon rubber insulated XLPE insulated 180 DEG, 90 DEG C, ethylene propylene rubber insulation.

2 minimum use of ambient temperature: silicone rubber, halogen free low smoke flame retardant polyolefin sheath -60 C, poly ethylene -20.

3. Bending radius allowed by cable: the minimum bending radius of the cable laying as follows: control and instrumentation cables metal shielding armoured is 6 times of cable diameter, unarmored type, its diameter less than equal to 25mm is 4 times of cable diameter greater than 25mm is 6 times of outer diameter of cable and power cable - the minimum bending radius of single core cable for 15d, multi core cable.



on aCJV90-SA0.6/1KV-2X1.5


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