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First, the implementation of standards

TICW/06-2009 computer cable, computer cable safety Q/HN001-2014.

Flame retardant characteristics meet the requirements of 18380-2008 GB/T.

Two, characteristics and uses

Computer to use shielded cable for computer - based automatic control system, especially in distributed computer control system, transfer device production process variable detection, control, interlock, alarm etc. analog and digital signals, the product of twisted pair, split screen, screen process, so it has good anti magnetic field interference, electrostatic interference and other performance.

Three, the use of characteristics

1 AC rated voltage: (U0/U) 300/500V.

2 conductor the maximum operating temperature: 70 degrees, 90 degrees C, 180 C.

3 minimum ambient temperature: fixed laying -40 C, non fixed laying -15

4 installation temperature: not less than 0

Recommendation 5. Laying the allowable bending radius: copper tape shielding winding cable should not less than 12 times of cable diameter and the rest of the structure of the cable should not less than 6 times of cable diameter.

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