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First, the implementation of standards

GB/T 16750, JB/T 5332

Two, characteristics and uses

Submersible oil pump power cable is a submersible pump unit matching the use of a dedicated cable, laying in the oil well, the lower end of the cable connected with the connecting cable, the upper end and the ground control cabinet. Well working conditions bad, often in high temperature, high pressure, and oil and gas are highly corrosive environment, power cables for submersible pumps can be divided into round and flat two. Limitation of the confined space of a casing, usually power cables for submersible oil pump with flat based, due to the flat cable is non symmetric structure, when the power transmission, due to unbalanced magnetic field generated by electromagnetic induction will cause depletion of tape, the heating cable. While oil well casing size allows adopt the round cable, symmetrical structure of the circular cable which produces a uniform electromagnetic field distribution, mutual interference, electromagnetic compatibility, in oil field laying also facilitate receiving and discharge line.

Three, the use of characteristics

The structure of 1 submersible pump cable main conductor, insulation, oil resistant cushion layer, protective layer and armor steel.

According to the 2 conductor line planning is divided into: (7# 10mm - 6# (13.2mm) - 5# (16mm) - 4# (20mm) - 2# (33.5mm) - 1# (42.5mm) -) etc..

3 in accordance with the cable shape is divided into: circular and flat cable of submersible pump submersible pump cable.

4 according to the voltage level can be divided into: 3KV and 6KV.



on aQYEQ-3KV-3X20


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