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Aluminum Alloy Bridge

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Aluminum based alloys. The main alloying elements are copper, silicon, magnesium, zinc, manganese, minor alloying elements such as nickel, iron, titanium, chromium, lithium and so on.

Aluminum alloys have low density, but the intensity is high, close to or exceeding the high-quality steel, good plasticity can be processed into a variety of profiles, with excellent conductivity, thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, widely used in industry, the usage is second only to that of steel.

Aluminum alloy is divided into two categories: casting aluminum alloy, in the casting state of the use; deformation of aluminum alloy, can withstand pressure processing, mechanical properties than cast state. Aluminum alloy materials can be processed into various shapes and specifications. Mainly used in the manufacture of aviation equipment, daily necessities, building doors and windows, etc..

Aluminum Alloy cable bridge has the characteristics of simple structure, beautiful appearance, unique style, load capacity, light weight etc.. Surface anodic oxidation of aluminium alloy cable tray. It not only resistant to corrosion, and anti electromagnetic interference, especially the shielding and anti jamming, this is can not be replaced by the steel bridge. Aluminum Alloy bridge in modern industry, modern national defense, modern technology, has very important practical value.

Features and scope of use

Excellent high corrosion resistance, suitable for power plant, chemical, petrochemical and other fields, especially suitable for high corrosion environment. Extrusion molding of the ladder on the side and a crosspiece makes bridge bright and clean appearance, reasonable processing and connection mode, the bridge has the advantages of convenient installation, including large span disc through can meet the bearing capacity of 6 meters. The plate structure or the convex decorative stamping structure can be used for the aluminum alloy plate type base plate.

Some aluminum alloys can be treated by heat treatment to obtain good mechanical properties, physical properties and corrosion resistance.

Casting aluminum alloy by chemical composition can be divided into aluminum silicon alloy, aluminum copper alloy, aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum zinc alloy and aluminium rare earth alloy, which aluminum silicon alloy and simple aluminum silicon alloy (cannot be strengthened by heat treatment, low mechanical properties and casting properties), special aluminum silicon alloy (can be strengthened by heat treatment, high mechanical properties, casting good performance).




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