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Cold galvanized tray

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Cold galvanized cable tray is using electrolysis device will cable tray after degreasing, pickling, the latter into the composition of the zinc salt solution and connected anode electrolysis equipment. On the opposite side of the cable tray placed zinc plate, connected to the positive electrode of the electrolytic device power is turned on, the current from the positive to the negative directional movement will in the cable tray deposited a layer of zinc, cold plated cable tray is first galvanized after processing, is plays the antiseptic effect.

Environmental protection performance

With heavy anti-corrosion coatings, cold galvanized cable tray production and coating engineering is also related to environmental protection and construction personnel and the public of the occupational health and safety, so to protect the environment is cold galvanized cable bridge with the main direction of development. Cold galvanized cable tray with excellent environmental protection performance, mainly reflected in the following 4 aspects:

(1) the composition does not contain Ph, Cr, Hg and other heavy metals;

(2) attributable to the thick film material, thixotropic properties, stirring, and adding a little or diluent, then coating construction. Due to the high content of cold galvanizing solid content up to 77%, a high film thickness can be obtained without gas spraying, which can reduce the volatilization of organic solvent and reduce the energy consumption.

(3) after the test proof: the vast majority of cold galvanizing solvents and thinners not containing toluene, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbons and other toxic organic solvents.

(4) cold galvanized cable tray is instead of hot dip galvanized, electric arc thermal spray zinc, the best material, to reduce waste, reduce energy consumption, improve the social benefits of environmental protection is more obvious.


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