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SBWR/Z integrated digital temperature transmitter

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Integrated digital temperature transmitter and industrial thermocouple, thermal resistance matching use, the use of two wire transmission mode (two wires as the power input and signal output common transmission line). The integrated temperature transmitter converts the industrial thermocouple and the heat resistance signal into a linear 0-10mA and 4-20mA output signal with the input signal and the temperature signal. It can be directly installed in the junction box of thermocouple and thermal resistance to form an integrated structure.

main features

1 with silicone rubber or epoxy resin sealing structure, so the resistance to vibration and wet, suitable for bad environment installation.

2 the installation of the thermocouple, thermal resistance of the junction box, the direct output of 0-10mA, 4-20mA of the output signal. This not only saves the cost of the expensive compensation wire, but also improve the ability of signal transmission in the process of long-distance transmission;

3 thermocouple transmitter with cold end temperature automatic compensation function;

4 high precision, low power consumption, the use of wide range of environment temperature, stable and reliable work;

5 a wide range of application, can not only with thermocouple, thermal resistance to form an integrated field installation structure, but also can be used as a function module installed in the test equipment and the use of the instrument panel;

6. Intelligent temperature transmitter by Hart modem communication with the host computer or handheld device and PC to the transmitter model, index number, range of remote information management, configuration, variable monitoring, calibration and maintenance functions.

7 intelligent temperature transmitter can adjust the display direction of the transmitter according to the user's actual needs, and display the measured temperature of the medium, the change of the sensor value, the output current and the percentage of the transmitter.

working principle

A thermocouple or a thermal resistance sensor converts the measured temperature into an electrical signal, and then sends the signal to the input network of the transmitter. The zero after the signal is fed to the input of the operational amplifier for signal amplification, amplification of the signal path through a V / I conversion after calculation and processing to 4 - 20mA DC current output; other path through a A / D converter after treatment to meter display. There are two kinds of linear circuit in the transmitter, and the feedback mode is adopted. The thermal resistance sensor is calibrated by the positive feedback mode, and the thermocouple sensor is calibrated by the method of multi segment line approximation. Integrated digital display temperature transmitter has two kinds of display mode. LCD display temperature transmitter with two wire system output, LED display temperature transmitter three wire mode output.

technical parameter

1, input signal: thermocouple: E, J, K, B, S, T, N. Thermal resistance: Pt100, Cu50, Cu100 (three wire, four wire system). The input signal of the intelligent temperature transmitter can be set arbitrarily by the hand hold device and the PC machine;

2, the output signal: output in the range of 4 - 20mA DC signal, and thermocouple or thermal resistance of the input signal into a linear or linear with temperature. Intelligent temperature transmitter output 4 to 20 mA DC signal and overlaps with HART protocol standard for communications; temperature transmitter isolation: input and output isolation, isolation voltage of 500V, an increase of common mode interference resistance capability, more suitable for use with computer networking;

3, basic error: 0.5%FS, 0.2%FS, intelligent 0.2%FS;

4, wiring: second line, three wire, four wire system;

5, display mode: four LCD display the site temperature, intelligent four bit LCD can be set by the PC machine or handheld device to display the scene temperature, sensor values, the output current and the percentage of any of the parameters;

6, working voltage: common type 12V-35V, intelligent 12V-45V, rated working voltage is 24V

7, to allow load resistance: 500 (24VDC power supply); limit load resistance =50 (max) R (Vmin-12), for example, in the rated operating voltage 24V, the load resistance can be selected in the range of 0-600.

8, working environment: a: ambient temperature -25-+80 C (conventional type)

-25-+70 C (Shu Xianxing)

-25-+75 C (intelligent)

B: relative humidity: 5%-95%

C: f mechanical vibration amplitude is less than or equal to 50Hz, less than 0.15mm

D: no corrosive gas or similar environment;

9, the environmental impact factor: Delta C = 0.05%/.


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